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It’s all about getting the links. If you focus your efforts with the intention of getting links, you WILL be successful online.

Why? Because if you are getting links it means that you are doing a lot of other things right, like building excellent content, and offering people top quality information that informs, educates, or entertains. People eat that stuff up, and they link to it too. Top Quality Information is called LinkBait. Linkbaiting should be your business focus. (Our contest at is a form of linkbait.)

Why Build Links?

Here’s a great list of benefits of links, but simply:

Links do two things:

(NOTE: I am only going to make this a short simple post that will give you the general IDEA of what I am talking about, without going too deep into specifics. I have linked to people much smarter and more credible than I am if you want to learn the nitty gritty of it.)

That’s right - I said it - and I’ll say it again… “Therz PageRank in them thar internal link thingys”.

If you’re new, PageRank is like GOLD to your website (for ranking in Google). If you want a page to rank well in Google, it needs to have some decent PageRank.

There are two ways to get your pages some decent PageRank.

  1. Get links from other websites to point to the page that you want to rank well.
    (For some extra link-juice - if you can control this - make sure the link anchor text contains the keywords that you want to rank well for - read more about link anchor text.)
  2. Link from your OWN pages to the pages that you want to rank well.

You may be asking: “What happened?” or, so you don’t look like a deer in the headlights, you might say out loud: “You mean I can pass MYSELF some PageRank?”

Well, the answer is YES. (more…)

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OK students… have you added to your RSS feedreader?

If so, you would quickly know about something that Mr. Aaron Wall over at SEO Book has revealed…

It’s a grassroots effort to provide solid, down to earth information about being an entrepreneur. If you’re just getting started, it’s a must read. If you’re stumbling a bit - it’s a must read. If you’re a pro and you’re rockin’ - it’s a must read.

Lesson #2 - educate yourself. The more you educate yourself, the greater your understanding will be of your own little unique experiential universe, and you’ll be able to share that with others. Isn’t that nice?

Here’s the “Make Millions and Make Change” ebook. - Print it out and read it on the throne if your daily time is constrained.

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