1002++ Ways to Get Links. Really.

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I was checking out a blog today while doing some research for our new site - www.DeletedLIVE.com - our tool for finding expiring domains by PageRank and keyword (more later), when I came upon these very helpful posts by PaulH at Assertica.co.uk about getting links.

The first really meaty post was about 18 Nasty Ways to Get Links (#11 made me laugh my ass off - I’m gonna do it someday - watch out suckas!!!), but the post that really got me was the 1002 ways to get links post. MAN, this is some good s***! Mr. Paul has been doing his homework.

My Faves

The list is categorized by method, with each method having multiple variations. Here are some that I really liked:

  • Track who picks up your articles or press releases. Offer them exclusive news or content.
  • Publish ebooks laden with links and encourage people to distribute for free
  • Review and recommend local businesses and ask for a link back
  • Lie - make up a number like 1002 ;)

For some added link ammo when dealing with clients, also read about the 25 benefits of links.

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