3 Great Tips for Writing a Winning Blog Post or Article

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Writing a great blog post or article consists of many more factors than just making sure you’ve got your facts straight.

There are 3 main things to keep in mind when writing your blog post or article, and in doing so, you’ll not only get more readers, but you’ll get them coming back for more, often.


Great Blog Post Writing Tip #1

…Grab ‘Em By The Titles

If your title (aka: headline) doesn’t grab the attention of the reader, the predicted result is quite simple - your post won’t get read. And all your hard work writing that great post will have been wasted.

So, here’s a great way to get your reader’s attention: Use numbered list headlines for your post titles. Example: Look at the title of this page you are reading now: “3 Great Tips for Writing a Winning Blog Post”. This is much more effective at grabbing the reader’s attention than: “How To Write a Great Blog Post”, don’t you think?

To see the true power of this technique, walk into any convenience store and browse the magazine racks… look at the titles of most of their articles. You’ll see: “31 Ways to Lose Weight”, “15 How-To Decorating Tips”, “10 Worst Dressed”, “Top 15 Urban Myths”, “5 Best SUV’s”, and so on. Using numbered list headlines provide short, quick, attention grabbing titles for your posts.

Here are some other great tips on writing your headline or title:
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Great Blog Post Writing Tip #2

…KISS Me, Ya Big Lug!

Keep It Simple, Sally. That’s right. It’s the old KISS rule coming back to haunt (or guide) you yet once again.

Your readers will rarely be on the level that you are (that’s why they’re reading your post!), so try to keep your post short & concise, yet detailed enough to get the point across without using too much industry jargon or techspeak - unless that’s your target audience.

That is why list based posts (as mentioned in tip #1) are so great. There is not a lot of filler, yet the point gets across clearly and quickly.

Links about KISS (no, not Gene Simmons and the rest of those wonderful freaks!):
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Great Blog Post Writing Tip #3

…Inform, Educate, Entertain or Empower

These are the contributing motivators that capture a reader’s interest, and keeps them reading.

Inform: Typically in the form of news or updates. It is common for people in niche markets to want constant updating about the goings-on in their sphere or community. Create links to news sources.

Educate: “How-To” is the most popular form of education there is. Readers in niche markets eat up how-to posts, because everyone wants to know how to do more stuff, with less time learning, right? Create links to online resources.

Entertain: The most common tactic used in ‘entertaining’ posts is the comedy angle. Find some way to make a funny about something that people in your audience can relate to, and you’ve got a winning post. Create links to those you parody.

Empower: Give your readers inspiration by telling your story. Nothing is more compelling than a real-life story. That’s why all these ‘reality’ shows are still running strong, and growing in number every season. Create links to supporting technical resources.

Why Create a Winning Post?

Are you kidding me…?

OK, it was me that put that question in there, but I am trying to illustrate the power of a well written post versus a regular post. Obviously your goal is to get more visitors, most likely in order to make more money, right? So, here is how, why and what a well written post can do:

SEOBlackHat - 3 Link Bait Lesson From a Master Baiter
SEOBlackHat - 10 Steps to Tones of Traffic (Of course, this is strictly for illustration purposes to give you a taste of what is possible/can be done.)
BlogStorm - Create 50000 Links in 11 Weeks

…So Get Posting!

Now that you have all this newfound knowledge, you’ll be better prepared to provide a quality, professional blog post that helps your reader to understand your message clearly and quickly, while building increased credibility for you, the author.

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