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While attempting to file a reconsideration request - also commonly known as a reinclusion request - at Google Webmaster Tools today for a client, I noticed that the link to the reconsideration request was no longer in it’s regular place - or anywhere to be found.

After doing a search online for the url of the form, I found it…. only to get this error message once I finished writing the request, and hitting the submit button:

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If you have AT ALL been paying attention to anything I’ve said, dear students, then you know that the most important focus of your SEO efforts is to GET LINKS, then get some more links, and when you’re finished getting those links, just go get twice as many as you just got, and THEN you WILL be successful. Really.

“Impossible!” you say… Well there is one man who’s goal it is to earn a full time income within one year of beginning blogging - and he is well on his way. Bryan Clark at has done what it takes to become successful - he gets links. (more…)

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