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Find Expired Domains

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OR, How To Find Expired High PageRank Domains by Keyword

Actually, this won’t be some hugely extended post that goes into 22 steps or things-you-need-to-do in order to find really great domain names, that contain good keywords, and have high PageRank, and good backlinks, are well aged and established, and….. “WELL HOLD ON!” you say. “NOT POSSIBLE!”

Find Expiring High PageRank Domains by Keyword

Oh yes it is. We’ve just released a brand new tool for finding your perfect new domain name. It’s called and will help you find the domain you need within minutes, instead of hours doing research in 7 different places, when you can find it all here.

Search by keyword and/or PageRank and/or expiring date, and have results sorted by any of these parameters. Once in the results pages, you’ll be able to immediately backorder your domain, check Google backlinks, see domain age, get WayBack data, WhoIs data, and we’ll soon be adding much more useful stuff like DMOZ listing, Yahoo directory listing, Alexa ranking, and more.

Big Deal? - Keywords Don’t Matter?!

So, you’ve heard from ‘SEO experts’ that keywords in a domain name has no affect on SEO?

Well, my good fortune and experience say otherwise… but don’t take my word for it - listen to the SEO guru himself [Aaron Wall - SEOBook] on the IMPORTANCE of keywords in a domain name.

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NOTE: This is a quick ‘what is’ writeup about a great site called StumbleUpon. I’m writing this because I have not been able to find a good online resource that explains what StumbleUpon is from a REGULAR WEB USER perspective, rather than a blogger or webmaster perspective, which there are lots of. And oh, you can buy traffic from StumbleUpon too.

What is a Stumbler?

A ‘Stumbler’ is someone who uses the StumbleUpon toolbar to find, rate and review great new websites.

What is StumbleUpon?

What StumbleUpon is:

  • a website/tool for easily and quickly finding great new sites in categories YOU specify
  • once at the new site, you can rate it as ‘good’ (thumb up) or ‘bad’ (thumb down)
  • StumbleUpon learns your preferences and starts delivering you sites more to your liking


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It’s all about getting the links. If you focus your efforts with the intention of getting links, you WILL be successful online.

Why? Because if you are getting links it means that you are doing a lot of other things right, like building excellent content, and offering people top quality information that informs, educates, or entertains. People eat that stuff up, and they link to it too. Top Quality Information is called LinkBait. Linkbaiting should be your business focus. (Our contest at is a form of linkbait.)

Why Build Links?

Here’s a great list of benefits of links, but simply:

Links do two things: