Подарък иконаикониWe are commonly asked to perform link building services for client sites, and many opt for packages that include article submission to article directories. Many experts in the SEO industry have argued that it’s no longer worth submitting to article directories, but we think there is still value in this old and well-beaten link dev method. Michael Gray over at SearchEngineLand.com offers some insights into article submissions, the quality directory sites to submit to, and whether or not to spend your time on this technique in the first place.

(Pssst: These are also our top five favorite article directory sites, otherwise known as “article repositories”.)

From Michael’s post:

Here’s a look at five top tier article directories and their traffic ranking and standings:

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ezinearticles.com 6 254 134 83
articlesbase.com 5 1,759 1310 828
buzzle.com 6 2,754 957 474
searchwarp.com 4 8,199 edfa3,386 2,173
goarticles.com 6 21,366 9,708 19,848
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I have recently registered:

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I am interested in taking any offers before I start to develop them as an industry credential site.

Please leave a comment here if you’re interested.

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While attempting to file a reconsideration request - also commonly known as a reinclusion request - at Google Webmaster Tools today for a client, I noticed that the link to the reconsideration request was no longer in it’s regular place - or anywhere to be found.

After doing a search online for the url of the form, I found it…. only to get this error message once I finished writing the request, and hitting the submit button:
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Please read my introduction to 301 redirects post for a full understanding of the 301 redirect using your .htaccess file.

Redirecting an Entire Folder or Directory

If you’d like to redirect a whole directory (commonly called a ‘folder’), the code is not that much different from a specific page redirect.

Redirecting / redirect an entire whole folder:

Assuming that the user is looking for the page “http://www.example.com/folder/samplepage.html“, - these different directives would redirect to the respective URLs as shown below:
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If you haven’t already, please read my introduction to 301 redirects post for a full understanding of the 301 redirect using your .htaccess file.

Redirecting Entire Websites:

redirect 301 / http://www.yoursite.com/

In the above example(s), the first “/” indicates that everything from the root level of the site down (to the folder name if specified) should be redirected. This is an excellent remedy for ensuring that no traffic or rankings are lost if you have to change your domain name.

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Happy Valentines Day! Here’s my special gift to you:

About The 301 Redirect - A How To Tutorial

If you have decided to move a whole website, or move a whole directory or folder, or just move a page, then a 301 redirect is the way to do it.

Or perhaps you’ve renamed a page but don’t want to lose the traffic from people who’ve bookmarked the old page name, or worse, loose search engine listings and traffic pointing to the old named page. The answer, again, is…
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UPDATE - Jan 21, 2008:

These videos have been removed from YouTube. It seems for some reason that RichGrad had to remove these videos. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Want to increase your online sales conversions?

Want to influence your husband to take out the garbage?

The following is a great series of videos that give you the ’science’ of years of research and development on techniques used for ‘getting what you want’, in any situation. Presented by Dr. Robert Cialdini. Videos made available by RichGrad.com.

I have my doubts about the true efficacy of these techniques, but I’m also sure that like anything, if practiced and studied long enough, it may be possible to persuade somewhat unlikely people to behave in a manner which they might otherwise not. Skillfully playing with one’s ego and emotions is not an obvious tangibility that is apparent to the average layperson, making them very vulnerable to it’s effects.

This clearly explains (when you look for it) how the governments of the world, run by power and control hungry elites has been able to manifest the current reality that we have all come to accept as ‘the way it IS’.

When viewing these videos, please note any occasion where or how you have been affected by these techniques - so that you may recognize them and have an awareness that protects you from their influence.

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If you’re into SEO, then you know the power of a blog. If you’re into blogging, there’s a good chance you use WordPress (like we do - this site!). And if you use WordPress, there’s a good chance you’ve been getting bogus phony user spam registrations from free email services like mail.ru, web.de, buy-24h.net.ru, bigmir.net, yandex.ru, list.ru or one of many others. And you’ve been wondering… “how can I block or stop wordpress blog registration spam?” “Spam bots are trying to register for my WordPress blog - does anyone know of a WordPress plugin to prevent spam user registrations?”

The Spam User Registration Solution - SABRE WordPress Plugin

We just found the perfect WordPress plugin to block or stop spam bot user registration (by Didier Lorphelin). It’s called SABRE (Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine) and “is dedicated to the protection of your blog against automatic registration by spammers.” We just installed it, then very easily set up how we wanted to block the spammers (from a variety of methods), and presto, our registration form is bot tight (hopefully!). WE LOVE THIS PLUGIN and how extensive it is!
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One of My Favorite Secret Weapons

Google Alerts is a favorite tool I’ve been using for about a year now. This versatile, simple and
easy to use tool not only helps for building links, but it is also great for relationship building, content ideas and development, research, finding industry or topical news and so much more…

Google Alerts Home Page with Search Box

I should note right away that I learned about this tool during a conversation I was having with Eric Ward (link building god) about building links for a contest I was running. He mentioned it to me as a way to determine if my press releases had been picked up. I quickly realized the power of this free and easy to use tool, now I’m going to share the secret powers if this nasty little weapon with you…

To understand it’s power you first need to know what it does, so let me show you how Google Alerts works. → read more

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Find Expired Domains

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Search Expired Domains by Keyword, PageRank, Age & More…

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Domain Keyword:

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To view large lists of expired or expiring domains, search for single letters. To view our entire inventory, just press “Submit” without selecting options or keyword.


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OR, How To Find Expired High PageRank Domains by Keyword

Actually, this won’t be some hugely extended post that goes into 22 steps or things-you-need-to-do in order to find really great domain names, that contain good keywords, and have high PageRank, and good backlinks, are well aged and established, and….. “WELL HOLD ON!” you say. “NOT POSSIBLE!”

Find Expiring High PageRank Domains by Keyword

Oh yes it is. We’ve just released a brand new tool for finding your perfect new domain name. It’s called DeletedLIVE.com and will help you find the domain you need within minutes, instead of hours doing research in 7 different places, when you can find it all here.

Search by keyword and/or PageRank and/or expiring date, and have results sorted by any of these parameters. Once in the results pages, you’ll be able to immediately backorder your domain, check Google backlinks, see domain age, get WayBack data, WhoIs data, and we’ll soon be adding much more useful stuff like DMOZ listing, Yahoo directory listing, Alexa ranking, and more.

Big Deal? - Keywords Don’t Matter?!

So, you’ve heard from ‘SEO experts’ that keywords in a domain name has no affect on SEO?

Well, my good fortune and experience say otherwise… but don’t take my word for it - listen to the SEO guru himself [Aaron Wall - SEOBook] on the IMPORTANCE of keywords in a domain name.

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I was checking out a blog today while doing some research for our new site - www.DeletedLIVE.com - our tool for finding expiring domains by PageRank and keyword (more later), when I came upon these very helpful posts by PaulH at Assertica.co.uk about getting links.

The first really meaty post was about 18 Nasty Ways to Get Links (#11 made me laugh my ass off - I’m gonna do it someday - watch out suckas!!!), but the post that really got me was the 1002 ways to get links post. MAN, this is some good s***! Mr. Paul has been doing his homework.

My Faves

The list is categorized by method, with each method having multiple variations. Here are some that I really liked:

  • Track who picks up your articles or press releases. Offer them exclusive news or content.
  • Publish ebooks laden with links and encourage people to distribute for free
  • Review and recommend local businesses and ask for a link back
  • Lie - make up a number like 1002 ;)

For some added link ammo when dealing with clients, also read about the 25 benefits of links.

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If you have AT ALL been paying attention to anything I’ve said, dear students, then you know that the most important focus of your SEO efforts is to GET LINKS, then get some more links, and when you’re finished getting those links, just go get twice as many as you just got, and THEN you WILL be successful. Really.

“Impossible!” you say… Well there is one man who’s goal it is to earn a full time income within one year of beginning blogging - and he is well on his way. Bryan Clark at OneMansGoal.com has done what it takes to become successful - he gets links. → read more

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BlogRush is a Blog BUST

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Just another gimmick.

Seems there’s yet another ‘great idea’ for bloggers that’s turning out to be just another gimmick (referral link). There’s a new tool called BlogRush that you can sign up for that is supposed to help you get traffic by ’sharing’ your own traffic. You put this widget on your blog, and it displays posts from other blogs in your niche (supposedly) - you get a ‘credit’ every time you show the widget (each impression), the credit allows your most recent post to be displayed on other blogs, hopefully bringing you traffic. (Try it if you want, see if it works for you - BlogRush - referral link.)

From sounding good, to nails on a blackboard.

Sounds good, eh? Well, in practice, it has been a nightmare. We have put it on a test site, and have earned about 1000 times more credits than we spend. So, basically, we could remove the widget right now, and still get our posts showing up on other blogs for the next year (somehow I don’t think it’ll happen).

Here’s where the BS starts - and why I say BlogRush is a BUST. → read more

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Writing a great blog post or article consists of many more factors than just making sure you’ve got your facts straight.

There are 3 main things to keep in mind when writing your blog post or article, and in doing so, you’ll not only get more readers, but you’ll get them coming back for more, often.


Great Blog Post Writing Tip #1

…Grab ‘Em By The Titles

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